We take care of your belongings while your home gets back to normal.

Every day, almost 20,000 people experience a water or fire damage emergency at home or work.

Failed water heaters, faulty washing machine hoses, clogged plumbing, accidental cooking fires, electrical shortages…water and fire damage can happen in a matter of minutes. Aside from damage done to your home or business structure, your personal belongings can also be harmed during floods and fires, opening them up to the risk of permanent damage if they are not treated right away.

Premier Packout provides professional contents pack out and restoration services for the homeowners and businesses in Phoenix, Arizona. Our project managers are trained and certified in water and fire damage as it relates to treating and handling your personal items.

We understand how stressful it can be to think about damage to your most prized and irreplaceable home goods. Without immediate removal from the effected area and treatment, your items can become permanently ruined. This can include expensive furniture, upholstered items and textiles, important documents, jewelry, electronic goods, antiques, and heirlooms. Because they can be the hardest to replace, our project managers will prioritize these first, working diligently to return them to their original conditions.


Everyday repairs are happening in your home, your personal items are at risk of damage if they are in the way.

Learn how we inventory, pack, store and return your items once your repairs are complete.


The flood or fire in your home has damaged your personal items. Your insurance policy allows the work required to return your items to pre-loss condition.

Learn how we professionally clean and restore your contents.

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